Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boiler Up

Agent: Dragon
Location: West Lafayette, IN

If you have a new years resolution of getting in shape, stay away from the awesomeness that is Triple XXX diner just off the Purdue campus. Triple XXX was featured on food network and it's easy to see why, PORN. I'm kidding, you have to bring you own porn into the restaurant because the XXX stands for Excellence in quality of food and root beer. Plus who wants to see Paula Deen invite a plumber in for chocolate truffle parfaits? Thought so

Anyway the burgers at Triple XXX were great, and we should know since we destroy our bodies on the road with every type of fast food imaginable.
-Meatball on a stick, check
-Frozen McRib sandwiches not from McDonald's, boom
-Pizza with BBQ on it, Elvis would be proud if he weren't dead

Ill let the other guys write about the show but seriously Triple XXX has a burger with Peanut Butter on it. I wanted to try it but I figured the 3 patty burger already took 2 years with my future and hopeful grand kids from me.

If you are at Purdue, Check out Harry's Chocolate shop, not what you think but awesome and have a drink called Green Dragon, two of the best words ever.

Huge thanks to Purdurians Kelly W and Chris for showing us a great time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February blur

February has gone by so fast and we have been out the road quite a bit.

We hit the road again on the 11th and have been going nonstop since then. I was able to get back for Valentine's Day for the night, see Danielle and celebrate Valentine's Day, perform at Second City and get a few hours of sleep before heading out again.

11th-ottumwa, iowa
12th-storm lake, iowa
13th-seward, nebraska
14th-home for the night
15th-cedar falls, iowa
16th-wayne, nebraska
17th-mankato, minnesota
18th-blair, nebraska
19th-highland, kansas
20th-mcpherson, kansas
21th-fort morgan, colorado
22- start heading home
??????? get home when we get home...

We should have a shirt that says "MI SPRING TOUR" going to places that make a GPS system go "where the fuck is that?"

I'll post some pictures but they are basically of the great plains, hamburgers, and various shots from the shows.

It has been a pretty crazy semester so far, we have been gone for long chunks of time. I miss my girlfriend, my friends, going to shows, performing with the Basic 8, hanging out with Matt, my apartment, my bed and my xbox.

My buddy Erich gets to go travel internationally with this job for various sporting events but mainly for tennis. He was just in Australia and now is Dubai, we are having a Geo Wars between us and he thinks he is winning, I think he is just an asshole.

Well time for bed, I think we have stayed in an American Inn and Suites for the third night in a row. WE DID IT!!!!.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Back To South Dakota

We are headed back to SD for a show at South Dakota University in the city of Vermilion.

Last night we stayed in Des Moines, Iowa home of the great slow jazz band Slipknot.

We also got a chance to stop at the World's Largest Truck Stop, it was a big disappointment but plenty of do you love America and Jesus stickers.

Tomorrow we head back to Chicago for a few days and then back out to the midwest for some shows in Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas.
Oh and Lane Kiffin, the new coach of the Tennessee Volunteers is a moron. He was a hall of fame coach with the Raiders, and his star player he recruited while at USC just transferred. This guy is a genius but then again so was Phil Fulmer.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring 2009 Tour

Well its spring, not really it is freezing outside and it's back on the road again with Mission Improvable.

We are about to finish up a trip of the west: South Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. Things are different now, we are down to a 4 man group and we are without our great friend, performer, moustache king Scott Morehead. Agent Bear Bear you will be greatly missed but we will think about you every time we drive by an Arby's.

Here is an entry from a few days ago. I tried not to be as wordy because some of you don't like reading a really long blog.

Entry 2- From Yankton to Cheyenne

It only took us three days to reach our first Super Wal-Mart trip and that is a record for even us.

Everybody knows this but Super Wal-Mart has everything: food, vision care, haircut, taxes, clothes, car care, $ 5 DVD’s (usually the movie Radio and Rudy), funny t-shirts that say “Not” and "I'm not a racist, im just hot" and an assortment of Jonas Brothers posters.

Personally I think it’s impossible to not go into Wal-Mart and not buy something. Today we had to go because our Van (Vanarky 4) needed an oil change. Oil changes are very common since we will put about 15,000 miles per semester! I give us an over under of 2 days before we hit our next Wal-Mart, for now my $3 Punisher cap will have to suffice until then.

Last night we were in Yankton, South Dakota to do a show at Mt. Marty College. Mt. Marty is a school of about 600 students and there were about 80 students who showed up to the show at the cybercafe. Campus Programming was responsible for bringing us to Mt. Marty and our contact Erin Duggan and Ashley were phenomenal marketing for the show and making us comfortable. The cybercafe was packed, the show was excellent and the students stayed afterwards to talk to us, which is such a great compliment to us.

Each school usually has some sort of student programming that brings us to their school. The host or contact as well usually call them will help us set our tech, stage, and give us information about the school and if there is an event going on like family weekend, homecoming, alumni weekend, or beginning of the semester.

Meeting the contact and hanging out with the organization that brought us to the school has become one of our favorite things about this show. For some of us in the group, college was not that long ago and it truly is the best time of your life. When talking to some of these students, you realize that they had the same worries as I did when in school like: I don’t like the major I’m in, I want to travel abroad, I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate, I can’t believe the Real World show is still on, Will I pass this exam that is 80% of my grade even though is a not a true representation of how well I understand the material and who really cares what diminishing marginal utility is and why does my TA talk to like a baby opening my first Christmas present? Sorry kind of blacked out there.

I guess the point is that there is just as much on these students minds today and maybe even some more worry and pressure that they have to deal with. For us, it is a pleasure giving them something to look forward too and giving them some sort of escape through comedy.

After the show, we usually hand out free stickers and free high fives! I can’t remember a time when high fives were free but I guess we are in a recession. This also gives us the most time face to face with the student who saw the show. The best compliments we get are when students ask us “when can you come back?” “ I can’t believe that was all made up” and just a genuine thank you.

After we have picked up the stage, packed up our gear and said the goodbyes to the student and contacts, it is time for us to head out. This is the worst part for us because the show is over, we have to leave and pile into our home away from home (Vanarky 4) and get on the road. The good news is we get to do this all over again tomorrow: with a different school, different students with the same worries, stresses, and our jobs are to make them laugh and have a good time.

Tomorrow we head to Cheyenne Wyoming, a long drive ahead of us… oh man there is a Super Wal-Mart just ahead. I need to buy the Incredible Hulk dvd and oh wow Yankee candles are on sale, can’t pass those up… nope.
Beautiful, Monotonous I-80
I slipped and busted my head earlier, NICE.
Hanging out with Sara and Kayla, our contacts at Laramie CC. They made us this awesome poster. Hooray

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We had some awesome shows in upstate New York on Halloween and it was some of the highest energy shows we have done yet.

Lately we have been having a bunch of shows in the Illinois area which lets us stay near home. Awesome.

Now we are off to Ohio for a few shows at Tiffin University. Home of the Dragons

We will then head off to Cleveland and then to West Virginia.

This is a bittersweet stretch of shows because its the last group of shows that Kyle will be with us as part of the touring group.

Kyle is one of the funniest people I know, he will be missed but all ends well because he got us a home in Chicago at the Center for Performing arts.

This home show will be so much fun and the run will be in late November and go into December and hopefully into the Spring.

Ill post some more pictures when we take them.

Off to sleep before heading to home of Lebron and Paul Brown.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

NYC pics part 3

That is a big building.

Yay Harry Potter.
Aiken and Drew Lachey... tix plentiful

New York Pics Part 2

I'll post some new blogs from Upstate NY, OH and what not when the writing mood hits.

He are a few more pictures from New York.

I have read my friends long winded updates, they can deal with mine for a while.


I DID IT!!! Senior Year!!!

Aaron with Katie Sue who makes costumes for Broadway

I made it to broadway, nah I suck

Scott got over Laura Bell Bundy quick